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Injectable Aesthetic Services at 42 West:

Smooth & Refresh: Glabellar Complex and Forehead Lines
Address those worry lines and forehead creases for a refreshed look.

Bright Eyes, Rejuvenated Look: Periorbital Rhytids (Crows Feet)
Say goodbye to crow’s feet and say hello to brighter, more vibrant eyes.

Lifted & Defined: Brows 
Achieve a lifted and defined brow shape for a refreshed appearance.

Restore Volume & Elasticity
Revitalize your face by restoring volume and elasticity with our premium fillers.

Plump & Rejuvenate: Nasolabial Folds
Smooth and soften the lines around your nose and mouth.

Smooth  Marionette Lines: Youthful Corners of the Mouth
Effortlessly smooth those downward lines for a brighter, happier smile.

Refresh the Mental Crease: A Renewed You
Say goodbye to the mental crease and hello to a rejuvenated, confident you.

Kissable Lips:
Get ready to enhance and define your lips 

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